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Stone tile board maintenance method

2017-1-4      View:

      Stone tile board with its simple and efficient way to show won the majority of customers love. However, in a period of time after the show, stone display racks, if the preservation and maintenance has stumped a large number of customers. This article to the platform for everyone to popularize some of the conventional knowledge of stone panels. So that the majority of friends are no longer how to care for stone tile board and trouble.

stone tile board
      To understand the maintenance of hand display panels first need to know the physical properties of the panels themselves. Usually hand display panels are made of MDF, MDF and other materials as the basis for the whole, and then paste the printing has its own unique personality stickers. Belong to your stone body panels is precisely the production is complete.

      MDF shortcomings: the strength of the end of the organizational structure for the fiber-like deformation, moisture resistance and poor resistance to deformation.

      Maintenance of MDF materials Hand-body panels method: to keep dry, MDF is not resistant to water, will encounter direct expansion of the water type. Maintain the surrounding environment is very important to dry, conditional can put it in the vacuum of the vacuum inside the plastic bag. Which can be hunger and thirst mothballs. In addition, try not to let idle hand-held boards under pressure. Long time to withstand the pressure of the shape of stone tile board will be deformed. The next time out to display the time may not be straight, and become a version of the arc.

      As long as the attention of the above two points, stone tile board in the maintenance of good enough to be recycled 3-5 times. A few not only saves money and does not cause waste of resources and environment. Really kill two birds with one stone.