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How to identify the strength of stone exhibition rack factory

2016-12-26      View:

1, the size of the physical store or exhibition hall, such as the number of square meters exhibition hall. Office address rent is not expensive and so on.

2, there is no business license, business license, registered capital. The greater the registered capital of course, prove that the company's hard power more reliable, more trustworthy.

3, is not the primary source. If you have your own factory that is better. Some companies are from other factories to agents. So the price above is not much advantage. Of course he can not give you the lowest price.

4, how to network sales channels. Strong enterprises not only in the local sales are strong. In the face of competition in the Internet is definitely not to be outdone.

5, the number of employees. Employees and more proof of the development of large-scale enterprises. Anti-risk ability.

6, store sales. This reflects the ability to sell. Judgment can be made from the side.