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Business hall decoration and showrooom design color 4 skills

2016-12-27      View:

Enterprise showrooom as an enterprise to display their brand image of the important place, has been more and more attention to corporate leaders, especially some focus on brand image of the enterprise, there are some well-known brands, large enterprises, the following by Xiaobian to introduce Color Techniques in the Design of Enterprise Exhibition.

1. Timeliness

Timeliness that is "eye-catching." The theme of the showrooom color should be closely integrated with the development of the company's image in order to attract the audience's attention. Combined with international and domestic events that took place in a series of global political, economic and cultural. Therefore, the showrooom design theme should reflect the color of the enterprise situation changes and changes in people's ideas.

2. Unique

The showrooom design color must have the creativity. Color content must be novel, strange, exciting, people have a fresh, interesting feeling. Modern society is called the information explosion society, in the rapid development of science and technology today, for the public a lot of information has become a smoke. The development of modern transportation, communication and networks has made it very difficult for people to be interested in many new things. Therefore, the showrooom design must be novel and unique color, will attract people's attention.

3. Irritant

Hall color must be able to inspire consumers desire. Such as blue is a reverie color, on the other hand, it is also a very serious color, this strong color, to some extent, can hide the shortcomings of other colors, is a convenient color matching , The blue environment also makes people feel quiet and quiet; gold is a luxurious color, itself can be issued gorgeous and gorgeous light, so it is dizzying sense; yellow is the first person to see the color of birth is A symbol of healthy color, it appears healthy and bright, but also because it is the most easily absorbed in the spectrum of color; black noble and hidden defects, it is suitable for white, gold, with emphasis on the role, so that White, gold is more dazzling; white will reflect all the light, with a sense of cleanliness and expansion, so the home layout, such as space is small, may be white, the space to increase the sense of spaciousness; orange can produce energy, induced appetite , Is also a warm color in the representative of the color, is also representative of the health of color, the word also contains the meaning of maturity and happiness.

4. Easy to understand

The concept of color after refining into the showrooom, must make it easy to understand, for the majority of the media and the public to accept. "Van to Jane to easy," the simplest thing in fact the most profound reflection of the nature of things. The same is true of the color of the showrooom, simple and bright, easy to accept the public understanding, will be widely disseminated.